Asthmatic Harp is the musical moniker of Glasgow based songwriter and composer Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones. Through the ethereal autoharp, gentle guitar strumming, hushed and tumbling melodies, Asthmatic Harp is synonymous  with a sound that manages to be comforting, folksy, eerie and personal, all at once.

Born in Denmark before moving to the UK, Hannah began performing on the London music scene with her debut EP Lost Astronaut in 2015. The music was given 5/6 stars in the acclaimed Danish Music Magazine Gaffa and published in both print and online with Gaffa calling it “Pop Music that takes it a step further”.

In 2018 Hannah was handpicked to the prestigious Roundhouse Resident Artist Program. She completed the residency with impressive achievements such as playing the 1,700 seated capacity Roundhouse main stage as the opening act for Sam Palladio, and developing exciting collaborations with fellow Roundhouse artists Sophie Kilburn and Kid Jupiter.

Asthmatic Harp has recently been made a 'Do It Differently' Awardee by Help Musicians UK and will be releasing the new EP 'Things We Learned To Live With' in 2020.

Single Trilogy: Royal Mail (2017)

3/3: Seven Sisters 

SEVEN SISTERS explores the mythical stories behind how an entire area in North London took name after a ritualistically planted circle of Elm trees. 

SEVEN SISTERS unravels the hopes and dreams alongside the melancholia of a farewell that is inevitably part of every new beginning.

 “Are we about to go separate ways?

We are about to face distance and departures on different stations.

How will we grow in this new situation?”

Single Trilogy: Royal Mail (2017)

2/3: Moorgate 

MOORGATE can be described as Scandinavian noir taking inspiration from popular TV dramas such as the Killing and the Bridge. The single is accompanied by a thriller-like video set in a surreal animated universe that takes us to crime scenes around London.

“On my daily commute to Moorgate station I would entertain myself reading the free newspapers. I was horrified by the number of blood grippingly detailed crime stories reported from in and around London. But what a hypocrite I was, sitting on the tube becoming numb to the dramatic reality of those stories while spending my evenings watching TV crime dramas such as The Killing and The Bridge.”

Single Trilogy: Royal Mail (2017)

1/3: Kilburn (2017)

KILBURN is the first single of three from Asthmatic Harp’s new conceptual song collection, Royal Mail. The three songs are named after London Tube stations, carrying the titles: Kilburn, Moorgate and Seven Sisters. The songs are written as letters that encapsulate the stories and atmospheres evoked by the chosen Tube Stations.

The release offers melodic pop songs in an imaginative universe of string and clarinet arrangements, sampled toy pianos and an old record player in a Welsh chapel. The music is playfully strung together around Hannah’s stunning and evocative voice.


20 March 2020

FOLKSVILLE, the Waverley, Edinburgh

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